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We partner with exceptional companies around the world through all phases of growth.
"Comprehensive distribution solutions extend beyond the scope of just solving logistics challenges. As an investor and trader for over 20 years in this industry, I've come to learn that 'success' is a byproduct of great relationships with clients."
Fang Fang Cheng - Founder, CEO

Connecting Product & Part Manufacturers For Over 20 Years

Zuote Global is a privately owned distribution company strategically focused on the large-scale manufacturing industries. Founded in 1997, the company is headquartered in Xi'an China with an additional 8 offices across the mainland. In early 2017, we expanded to the U.S. opening a new office and warehouse in the San Francisco Bay Area.  ​

Our clients range from global Fortune 500 companies to medium-sized manufacturers located both in the United States and abroad. Beyond our core focus areas, we also operate in the Petrochemical (石化), Shipbuilding (造船), Brewing (酿酒), Metallurgy (冶金), Harbour (港口), Rubber (橡胶), Tobacco (烟草), and Dairy (乳制品) industries. ​ 

  • 1997
    Year Our Firm Was Founded
  • 106
    Number Of Employees (2020)
  • 23
    OEM Manufacturer Awards
  • 6
    Global Fortune 500 Clients
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